Iben Robot was invited to participate in the Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition to o

What function can this explaining robot achieve in the party building exhibition hall?"

"The equipment in our party building exhibition hall is relatively old. Can we explain how the robot can benefit from the old transformation and carry out linkage?

"Can we use the government hall? Do you have a case that you can talk about?"


At the 4th Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition, the audience from all over the country was very interested in the little stupid intelligent explanation robot, and asked in detail how it was used in the intelligent scene and its rendering effect.

From April 25 to 29, the 4th Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition was held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. The summit to "inspire new kinetic data elements, digital China opened new journey" as the theme, positioning for publishing platform information development policy in China, the latest achievements in digital China construction display platform, e-government and digital experience economic theory and practice of communication platform, and global power booster digital China and digital cooperation platform for the construction of the silk road. As a leading artificial intelligence service provider, Iben Robot was invited to the exhibition by the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

AI+ robots to build a new digital government business

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee proposed to "strengthen the construction of digital society and digital government, and enhance the digital and intelligent level of public services and social governance." With the continuous improvement of social demand, the government service system with efficiency and information sharing as its core will continue to develop along with technological innovation.

In the construction of digital government, Iben Robot service robot adheres to the service concept of refinement, humanization and individualization, innovates government services with AI, and provides enterprises and individuals with new convenient and efficient service experience of "run immediately, run online and run once".

Iben Robot Service Robot integrates voice recognition, natural language processing, knowledge mapping and other artificial intelligence technologies. It integrates big data and cloud computing technologies and optimizes the application. By integrating the policies and regulations, work guidelines and information data of government departments, it connects the knowledge and service channels of all government departments.


In addition, Iben Robot can easily read the context, accurately locate information about people's problems, and conduct multiple rounds of man-machine dialogue. It supports the access of multiple terminals such as physical devices, mobile applications, small programs, voice call centers, etc., and enables users to query policy information humanely anytime and anywhere. It improves the efficiency of personnel in handling business, improves the precision service level, and realizes "one specialized and many capable, all positions are connected".

Iben Robot support deep customization development, and the government internal data through, the use of AI technology, help do, so that enterprises and individuals to apply for: a notification, a form of application, one acceptance, one handling, unified certificate issuance. We will put in place an "Internet Plus Government Services" model, speed up the development of an integrated national government service platform, create a better environment for businesses and people to start their own businesses, and inject new impetus into economic and social development.

Up to now, Iben Robot has worked in dozens of government halls such as Kunming Government Service Hall, Xining Administration Hall, Xiangyang Civic Service Center, and Qianguo County Government Hall of Songyuan City, providing hundreds of thousands of services for enterprises and individuals!

Technology enables a new engine of digital China development

As the construction of information infrastructure progresses at various points and speeds up continuously, the perfect information infrastructure provides more possibilities for the digital transformation of China's industries. Not only is the digital transformation of various digital applications in daily life deepened, but the digital transformation of traditional industries is also gradually deepened, sharing digital dividends.

Iben Robot relying on big data, cloud computing, 5 g +, artificial intelligence and so on information technology and the technology based on natural language processing (NLP) as the core of artificial intelligence (AI) engine, surface entity service robot application demand, research and development of the commercial intelligent service robot and intelligent disinfection robots and intelligent tool robot, solution of building the digital scene, Help enterprises digital transformation!

Iben Robot will take this exhibition as an opportunity to dig the digital application scene, open up the transformation channel between digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, empower enterprises through the technology platform, promote the digital practice of relevant subjects, and realize the integration and symbiosis of technology platform and traditional enterprises; And cooperate with the city to build a smart city, smart transportation, smart medical, smart government trinity, promote the integration of government data and business data development, jointly build urban digital infrastructure, open a new engine of digital China development!

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