Empowering Intelligent Robots

Standardization, Simplicity and Modularity

Core Brain

Make Robots Smart as

iBen-box AI Smart Box

High Performance Low Power Consumption & Support System Customization & Rich Expansion Interfaces

Six-core 64-bit "server-class"

processor with a clock speed of up to 1.8GHz

ROM and RAM configuration

according to product requirements

Built-in 3G/4G PCI-E socket,

support multiple PCI-E 3G/4G modules,

remote maintenance, labor costs saving

Rich expansion interfaces: 4*USB 2.0

2*USB 3.0, 1*RJ45


Support horizontal and vertical playback,

video split screen, support HDMI 1080P output,

rolling subtitles, timing switch, USB data import etc.

Support earphone, MIC audio input and output

Power Management Box

As the core of system power management, it receives battery input, provides power to the main control box, user and motor, and provides overcurrent protection at the same time, supporting automatic battery and emergency charging circuits.

Microphone assembly

Hear what you want to hear


Flexibility, Dual navigation, High-precision mapping

Fast Construction

Need only a few steps to realize the construction of intelligent robots from