Iben Robot:take you to enjoy the new world

Iben Robot:take you to enjoy the new world

Iben Robot Chief Executive Officer Yangpeng

In this government work report delivered at the current session of the National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang made a special mention of vigorously promoting the upgrading of manufacturing and the development of emerging industries. We will develop the industrial Internet and promote smart manufacturing. In the "Made in China 2025" also clearly put forward the first ten-year action plan of China's implementation of manufacturing power strategy, "high-end CNC machine tools and robots" as the focus of vigorous development, breakthrough in the key technology of intelligent robots, the development of intelligent robots, and actively respond to the challenges of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. At present, China's intelligent robot industry has developed rapidly, relying on mature AI technology and following the promotion of policies. 

Beijing Huiwen Science & Technology(Group) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the " Iben Robot") was established in March 2016, active layout the development of the enterprise commercial robotics AI robots, "service robots should be guided by market demand, become smarter, let the robot to provide the corresponding services, will people free from repetition boring work, Do something creative with your limited time." That's why Iben Robot was created.


Do independent research and development while learning

Service robot industry is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cross comprehensive machinery and electronics industry, involving biomimetics, cognitive science, mathematics, computer science, information theory, cybernetics, theory of ambiguity, and many other disciplines, the sensors, mechanical hardware, electronics, computer algorithms, software, data, and so on knowledge background need to be familiar with the master, To make a basic service robot.

The beginning of establishment of Iben Robot, only five people, to create a marketization of qualified product, by visiting their industry experts, run the market, to tsinghua university and other colleges and universities for academic exchanges, to master relevant technical main point, understand after a careful investigation, Iben Robot team decided to down-to-earth starts from technology, first focus on the independent research and development of the products. From algorithm design to software platform research and development, to product hardware research and development, until the production and manufacturing of complete independence, during the research and development, we have obtained nearly one hundred computer software Copyrights. With the gradual accumulation of technology and the quick understanding of the industry, the R&D team of Iben Robot has a deeper understanding and mastery of the application scenarios, technologies and manufacturing in the field of service robots.

In 2018, Yang Peng, the CEO of ben Robot, led the team to officially launch ben Robot Service Robot products on the market. Up to now, ben Robot has served more than 2000 customers, Beijing Public Transportation Group, China General Nuclear Power, Midea, Mengniu and other enterprises have come to customize products, the second China International Import Expo one-time customized 20 "Jinbao" robot for the exhibition reception, inquiry and other work. 

Enter the market to accept the test 

Iben Robot service robot focuses on multi-domain and full-scene service of enterprises. It can conduct business inquiry, active welcome guests, indoor presentation and intelligent guidance, and change passive interaction into active interaction. These functions are achieved because it has an intelligent brain. The brain has many functions such as intention recognition, automatic speech recognition, contextual dialogue, speech synthesis technology, intelligent question and answer, knowledge mapping, big data calculation and analysis, and emotion analysis.

After this robot put into the market, many enterprises and institutions, companies have been used. Specifically for the exhibition center, ShouJia garden paradise, the future life tailored Iben Robot, a day for people to visit, consultation on the first greeting, the robot can be controlled by face recognition technologies such as automatic identification of important guests, provide more personalized guidance, reception service for guests and interpretation of the work, Through the built-in obstacle avoidance function and natural and fluent anthropomorphic voice explanation, the whole process of rehabilitation experience is displayed more intuitively and vividly for people, and the concept of humanization of music environment, sustainable elderly care and health management service is perfectly conveyed.

Iben Robot also open new doors for judicial workers. It can replace the manual reception and take the number, multiple mediation, file management and other work, and for everyone to explain the laws and regulations, provide a number of legal services such as case filing, mediation, arbitration, effectively improve the basic efficiency of judicial workers, promote the wisdom of judicial work transformation. In 2018, Iben Robot set foot in the medical field for the first time. Iben Service Robot can provide medical guidance, health consultation and other services for the patients on the medical guidance platform, which has been widely praised by the medical personnel. 

Down to earth the future can be 

It is understood that the Iben Robot has grown from the initial team of 5 people to a large high-tech enterprise. The R&D team in the Beijing headquarters accounts for 60% of the total number of employees, and all of them are domestic first-class technical personnel. The marketing delivery center located in Shenzhen has a marketing delivery team of nearly 100 people, which is specially responsible for providing customers with nanny-style delivery services covering pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale. Hebei Intelligent Manufacturing Center has independent hardware production capacity, dedicated to providing high-quality products for the Beijing headquarters.

"The company has a culture of 'identification' and 'reflection.'" Yang Peng said. It is because of the company's culture that Iben Robot can develop so quickly. Iben Robot employees insist on 100% recognition of the company's strategic objectives, in the company's achievements at the same time, but also to continue to reflect on the improvement of space and advantages and disadvantages compared with similar products, as well as the departments in the collaborative work, reflect on the department's work objectives and methods, so that the enterprise can better development.

“We are committed to making a robot human and making a robot better than a human." Iben Robot with all-round service system, high quality service level, has been the relevant government and media support.

In August 2017, CCTV2 walked into the World Robot Conference and made an exclusive interview with the robot. With perfect human-computer interaction capability, the robot finished all the recording at one time. In February 2018, Cai Qi, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders walked into the company to visit and inspect, and the products won the affirmation and praise of Party Secretary Cai and other leaders. In November 2019, in the second expo "up chunks of the robot, the scene for the domestic and foreign exhibitors merchants provide reception guide, bilingual consultation questions and answers, information and other services, effectively ease the pressure of artificial service, its impressive performance won the CCTV news broadcast, excerpt, three very, news live broadcast news media such as continuous attention and report.

In the future, the team will continue to optimize the "AI" engine, continue to make breakthroughs in algorithms and hardware, persist in combining new technologies, and Iben Robot with higher "thinking ability", so that it can more practically support various application scenarios.

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