Iben Robot appeared in China electronic information exposition to promote industrial digitalization

The 9th China Electronic Information Expo was held in Shenzhen from April 9 to 11. With the theme of "innovation-driven high-quality development" and the principle of openness and cooperation, the expo mainly showcases intelligent manufacturing, 5G and other content. As a leading artificial intelligence interaction and solution provider in China, Iben Robot was invited by Hebei Provincial Delegation to participate in the exhibition.


Iben Robot with digital scene solutions and a number of robot solutions appeared in the China electronic information exposition, won the attention of the guests and leaders. Wang Jianfen, deputy director of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province, and Gao Yuzhu, deputy mayor of Shijiazhuang City, came to interact with the robot before the intelligent service robot.

In the scene, we can see that the Iben Robot surrounded by the audience from all over the country, the atmosphere of the scene is as hot as the weather in Shenzhen.

The audience from various fields and Iben Robot service robot ZhiDa screen voice questions and answers, appearance level detection, singing and dancing and other interesting interaction.

Leaders from hospitals, hotels and public transportation, as well as spectators, also focused on the l Iben Robot disinfection robot. Some audiences even asked to "hug away" on the spot after they had a deep understanding of the family products, sterilization mode, sterilization data and sterilization scene of the intelligent disinfection robot.


Root technology enables the intelligent upgrading of the industry

"In" difference "plan for accelerating the development of digitalization construction of digital China" a single article, growing emphasis on cultivating artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, cloud computing, emerging digital industry, such as network security building scenarios based on 5 g and industrial ecology, in the medical, transportation and other key areas to carry out the pilot demonstration.

Iben Robot has been exploring the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology in various industries, especially in the scenario-based practical application of smart medical care, smart city, smart transportation, smart service and other industries, and has accumulated cutting-edge technology and industrial application experience.


In software technology, Iben Robot based on the core technology "" AI engine management platform 4.0 of robot, let robot with active service consciousness, but also can highly personality configuration, display, voice interaction, scene identification, thermal printing, indoor led, singing and dancing, and multiple functions to provide users with a new experience.

In terms of hardware technology, Iben-Box AI Box, the "core cerebellum" independently developed by Iben Robot, can realize intelligent perception of people, things and events, and quickly access to the upper platform to improve the application efficiency of the system. In addition, the Iben Robot iBen-Box AI Box supports multi-interface expansion, which can form a "all things" network of intelligent hardware to improve the immersive scene experience.

In-depth scenarios for many enterprises to choose from

Iben Robot relying on big data, cloud computing, 5G+, artificial intelligence and other information technology to build digital scene solutions, in business, exhibition hall, party building, government affairs, medical care, hotels, community services and other application scenarios are also very outstanding.

Iben Robot service robot can not only provide enterprises with intelligent tour, intelligent check-in, intelligent reception, intelligent consulting and other standardized services, but also can provide IP image, software and hardware integration customized services, to meet the needs of different enterprises, different scenarios, help enterprises to upgrade the intelligence.


For example, Iben Robot for the Expo, Beijing Public Transportation Group, Midea Group, China General Nuclear Power Group and many other leading enterprises customized image of intelligent service robots, to meet their different application needs.

Iben Robot disinfection robot focuses on hospitals, stations, airports and other large scenes, for these scenes to provide group temperature measurement, intelligent disinfection and other services; Iben Robot ultraviolet lamp disinfection robot, Iben Robot pulse ultraviolet lamp disinfection robot focus on operating room, instrument room, laboratory and other small space operations. Iben Robot break the traditional disinfection mode, toward the direction of automation, unmanned continue to advance.

In June 2020, the Iben Robot disinfection robot was commended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for its outstanding performance in the anti-epidemic process.


Iben Robot has served more than 4000 government departments and enterprises and institutions, and exported to the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the United States and other countries and regions, in order to meet the needs of enterprises and institutions of intelligence transformation at the same time, but also for the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency! Won the use of units and the masses of the same high praise.

The 14th Five-Year Plan period is a critical period for the development of China's strategic emerging industries. More and more high and new technologies will enter the stage of large-scale industrialization and commercial application, and become an important force driving industrial reform and economic and social development.

In this critical period, Iben Robot will continue to "robot +" with the industry innovation and integration, seize the digital industry development opportunities, deep mining digital application scenarios, improve the digital industry ecology, focus on customer needs, enable industry applications. At the same time, Iben Robot continues to expand the full scene of AI, accelerate the realization of the scale value of AI, promote the integrated development of digital industry, and truly make the industry digital into a new driving force for economic and social development.

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